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Private detectives and investigators use many means to determine the facts in a variety of matters. To carry out investigations, they may use various types of surveillance or searches. To verify facts, such as an individualís place of employment or income, they may make phone calls or visit a subjectís workplace. In other cases, especially those involving missing persons and background checks, investigators often interview people to gather as much information as possible about an individual. In all cases, private detectives and investigators assist attorneys, businesses, and the public with a variety of legal, financial, and personal problems.

Martin Investigations & Security Service was Founded in 1993 by Thomas Martin. Thomas Martin has over 27 years of law enforcement experience as a Deputy Sheriff in the state of Ohio. He was trained by the Federal DEA in surveillance tactics and corvert operations.

Martin Investigations & Security Service employs only current and retired police and state prison guards on its security guard staff. The investigations staff consists of retired Sheriff's Office detectives and undercover drug investigators.

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